Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baby Bootcamp - Day 1

Baby Bootcamp was a success last night!  Evan was in bed at 9:00 pm and slept until 2:15 am !  I was able to change him, feed him and burp him and get him back in bed by 3:15.  I did have to drag myself to bed since I was fully engrossed in the Real Housewives of New York reunion.  What could be more spectacular than watching seven brilliantly catty women fight it out in couture?

I put my steroid insomnia to good use last night and was able to attend my first Pilates class with Meghan.  We certainly were no experts, but we held our own.  I am excited to be going with her every Monday night for the next four weeks. 

Also got great news today - BK will be flying home for Evan's baptism on August 21.  I'm so happy that Evan's godfather will be able to attend, along with the rest of our family.  Should be a beautiful day.  I know that Brian can't wait to attend the pre-baptism class.  He is counting down the weeks to sit inside on a lovely summer Sunday.


  1. let's chat about RHONY reunion ASAP. Helloooo Drama :)

  2. Shelby will be baptised on August 31st at Holy Family! Kate and Jason are the god parents...baptism class was a good one, learned a few things!