Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good News in Fours?

They say bad news travels in threes...does that mean good news travels in fours?

Yesterday was a day of great things happening around us. 
  1. BK was able to get the time off of work to come home for Evan's baptism.  As soon as he told me, I was able to get online and book his flight!
  2. Brian's sister, Tricia, passed her pregnancy glucose test, meaning she doesn't have gestational diabetes!  We were all so concerned since this is something she had when she was pregnant with Kylie.  This pregnancy has been much easier for Tricia, which we are grateful for...does that mean it's going to be a boy?!
  3. A very dear friend received the best information on her PET scan - her lymphoma is undetectable and all tumors have disappeared!
I am trying to stay positive about the tests I have coming up this week.  I feel that a good result on Friday will almost be like opening my eyes to my future all over again.

On a lighter note...what are thoughts on the Shake Weight?  Does that thing really work?

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