Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm Walking on Sunshine

It's been a busy week and I'm glad it's over...but with all of the ups and downs, it's netting a positive result!

On Thursday, I had to get the MRI done on both sides of my chest.  If you haven't had one before, allow me to enlighten you.  It's like a massage without the masseuse, body lotion, candles or soothing music.  You lay face-down in a dark sheet and your ta-ta's hang down into a big hole.  While your world is pitch dark, they put headphones over your ears so you can't hear the mind-numbing sound that the machine makes.  They lift you up and insert you into such a small tube that when you do panic and lift your head, you bop it on the top of the tube.  Needless to say, you don't want to lift your head because then you will remove your ta-ta's from the hole they are supposed to be hanging in.  This glorious occasion lasts for forty minutes. 

On Friday, I was excited to start my day with lunch with a great friend, before I had my CT Scan in the afternoon.  Evan and I headed down to Brighton to meet Auntie Lisa.  We had the best time catching up and have so much to relate on, since she is a first-time mommy, just back to work and Evan and Mattie are going to get married.  We spent time planning the wedding... and their lives.  No meddling though - they will enjoy our assistance. 

Evan and I were enjoying our nice afternoon drive home, when chaos and WTF struck.  As we were leaving the exit ramp of the highway, I pulled out into the intersection to turn to my parents house.  My power steering completely shut down and I was unable to turn the car.  I completely panicked since I had cars coming to t-bone me from both directions, so I started honking my car.  Probably one of the few times that the instigator of the accident is honking at the oncoming traffic.  As the oncoming traffic slowed down, I was able to reverse my car back into the off-ramp, where we proceeded to lose all power on the 88 degree, humid day.  I called my dad, I called my mom, I called OnStar.  It took about four minutes for Evan to melt into a hot, sweaty mess.  Did I mention that I had about fifty cars swearing at me since I was blocking the ramp and I was trying to choke down the contrast I had to take for my CT scan?  It was a total disaster.  It took about 30 minutes for help to arrive - and help came in the form of Mrs. Kinning.  I tossed Evan to Mrs. Kinning so he could get in the air conditioning and then proceeded to run back and forth to my abandoned car to get the car seat, diaper bag, purse, cell phone...and contrast.  My dad thinks my car needs a new alternator, but the end result is, I posted it for sale on Craig's List last night.  Any takers?

We made it to my CT scan only about 15 minutes late and were very lucky to have Mrs. Hicks there and available to give me the immediate results. It was a good scan!  The first places they look for the cancer to spread are my liver, lungs and bones.  My liver looks completely clean!  I have a few spots on my lungs that will need to be monitored but they can't be ruled cancer without a biopsy and we will wait three months to see if they grow.  The spots could be the result of an old infection.  There were a few other areas that Mrs. Hicks mentioned, but nothing of immediate concern, just things to monitor on my next CT scan.  I will be meeting with my oncologist on Monday, so I will be able to discuss the findings with her and see how she would like to proceed.  At this point, I'm cautiously optimistic and eager to put tests behind me for a few weeks!

Evan woke up ready to go this morning.  He is loving playing peek-a-boo and adores being under his Ocean Gym.  This is our bright-eyed, bushy-tailed baby this morning!

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