Monday, August 1, 2011

It's Christmas Everyday

Happy August!  I can't believe it is Monday, August 1.  Where did the summer go?  I hate that it's been SO hot in July.  It makes it hard to take Evan out for walks in the stroller. 

I had chemo today and went in to discover there is a nationwide shortage on Taxol, one half of the chemo I am on.  That means we had to come up with a game plan to get me through the rest of my treatment. My oncologist recommended a treatment that I only have to get every three weeks, no longer weekly. The side effects could be more intense since they tripled my dose and I had to resume the full-level of steroids, plus take a pill form for the next four days.  The good news is, I only have one major chemo treatment left on August 22!  After that, I will get Herceptin every three weeks for the next year. The end of chemo road is coming to an end and I couldn't be more excited!

My MRI results came back and confirmed that there is no evidence of metastasizing at this point...and no additional suspicious lymph nodes!  Best ever!  My double mastectomy is scheduled for October 11 - another big milestone to complete.

Evan's boot camp had some major overhauling in the past two days and things are going splendidly.  Last night he slept 9:30 - 2:30 am, was up for 45 minutes and then back to bed until 6:30.  We are letting him stay awake for 90 minutes at a time during the day - he is changed, he eats, he plays and then back for naps.  All day long we were putting him in his crib awake while he was swaddled and he is soothing himself to sleep.  We are making progress!  Tonight's bedtime was at 8:30; hopefully we can push out our sleep time even more.

We had a wonderful weekend seeing the Miller Family at Aunt Myriam and Uncle Joe's house.  It was the first time all three great-grandchildren were together; Evan, Conner and Shelby.  Grandma kept saying to me, "Can you believe how big our family is?  Grandpa wouldn't even recognize it."  It was so sweet.  I just loved seeing all of the little ones together and Aunt Myriam put together a fabulous party with outstanding food.  Uncle Hugh, Aunt Connie and Andrea even made the trip from Ohio to join us for the afternoon.  I have adorable video of the babies together and once I figure out how to get it off my phone, I will upload.  For now, enjoy the pictures of these adorable baby boys.  Evan is in the navy blue and white and Conner is in the plaid shorts.

P.S.  Got the update on my car today.  $500 to fix!  Bummer!

Evan Foster, 10 weeks and Conner James, 12 weeks.  AKA Little Brian and Little Jason

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