Sunday, August 14, 2011

Make Me Over

There are some days that I love being a girl.  I love days when I can take my time getting ready and spend time blending eye shadows, playing with bronzer and blush, going through my gazillion lip glosses and coordinating jewelry.  This was a weekend all about making myself up and celebrating fun occasions!

On Friday night, Brian and I celebrated our one-year anniversary.  Grandma Cindy volunteered to watch Evan (for the entire night!)  I wasn't sure if I was most excited about a night out or a night of sleeping - both equally valued!  I was able to go out and get a manicure and pedicure before my big date night.  Brian was waiting for me when I got home.  I put on a new dress, new shoes and my new hair :)  Brian made reservations for us at the Amway Hotel - it was my first time spending the night there.  Our night started with my favorite hour of all - cocktail hour.  We sat on the 25th floor and enjoyed the view of Grand River and Downtown Grand Rapids. We enjoyed a magnificent dinner at Cygnus 27 - the same place we got engaged.  The night had plenty of wine, excellent conversations about politics, retirement and our future vacation plans and delicious food.  Even though we stayed in town, it felt like an escape and was a wonderful evening.

On Saturday night, it was my second opportunity to get dressed up (clearly, another reason to return to work). It was time to celebrate the end of Katie's bachelorette-hood.  Lacey, Katie, Meghan Harsevoort and I indulged in massages at Design One before we spent the afternoon at Meghan's house eating cheese, fruit and crackers and busting out the wine.  Although I can't tolerate red wine yet, I seem to be tolerating sweet wines just fine!  I think my taste buds dull the flavor a little bit so I have been consuming mass quantities of Mascato.  It was fun to get ready together, pick out clothes and ask each other for advice.  Just like we did when we were 17 and would get ready for a night out together (even though our nights reached their climax by hanging out at 7-11.  Lame.) 

We met Becca and Gretchen down at 6-1-6 and had a great time visiting.  It was nice to talk about jobs, husbands, kids, and of course, letting Katie know about the glorious future she is embarking on.  Katie is so happy and excited to begin her married life...and we all can't wait to put our party pants on for the big day. 

I have decided I miss wearing high heels,  even though I am concerned my feet have flattened out from a summer of going bare foot and wearing flip-flops.  I miss wearing dressy clothes, even though I truly enjoy my yoga pants everyday.  I miss my hair, even though I really like my new wig.  I can say that I know I will keep my hair short when it grows out, but I don't like bangs and can't wait to get rid of them. I think I am going to start picking out my new wardrobe soon.  Certainly after my surgery, I will treat myself like any other girl likes to...retail therapy!!

On a side note - Baby Bootcamp - going so well!  Evan is now in bed every night at 9:00 and has stretched as long as 5:45, though most mornings he wakes up around 4:30.  He goes right back to sleep and stays in bed until 8:15.  Thank goodness my parents ran in to an old high school friend last weekend.  Heidi Hendricks was able to share that they actually make snuggly blankets and I can get rid of the double-knot straight jacket.  This is Evan this morning - always full of smiles when he wakes up.
And one lasts thing.  Our little Cohen fractured his wrist this weekend!  He hasn't quite gotten the hang of the breaks on his bike yet.  To avoid hitting a little girl who was heading towards him on his bike, he steered into a car, hit head-on and then rolled underneath the car.  It was the next day when he kept complaining that they realized he has a hairline fracture.  He will be in the cast for three weeks and can't get it wet!  Good thing we are winding down to the end of summer.

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