Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Rumble with the Baby

Two more treatments left, two more treatments left.  I sure am ready to be done and get back to normal!  The side effects were definitely less this week but Friday and Saturday were tougher days.  The muscles aches and pains seem to settle right in my hips, knees and ankles - I guess I am having the pleasure of seeing what a true athlete goes through!  (Like my sporty heroes, Dado, Lacey, Ben and Uncle Rick who were actually out there doing good things this weekend, like running the CRIM).  The new chemo is also re-attacking my hair.  I woke up this morning and had my little fuzzies all over my pillow.  I am sad because I was certain that I would have a full-head of hair by December but now it seems like I am regressing and will be starting back at Square 1. 

On Saturday, we celebrated Grandma Cindy's 61st birthday out at Lake Michigan with the entire Preus family.  I would love to say the weather was beautiful, the company was joyous and the kids were on their best behavior.  Well, I can say 2/3 of these things occurred.  And of the last one, 2/3 kids were on their best behavior.  My littlest bundle of joy was the culprit.  Evan was miserable yesterday and succeeded in bringing me down with him!  I think I've gotten him so used to his morning and afternoon nap schedule in his crib that he just refuses to nap anywhere else.  By the end of the day, we both were exhausted and in tears.  I told Grandma Cindy that no one will believe me when I say Evan is such a great baby; it seems like anytime I bring him anywhere, the wires get crossed and he gets all out of sorts.  Today is already a better day; he had his hour afternoon nap in the morning and is in the middle of his afternoon nap right now.  I have no pictures from yesterday since my hands were full with Fussy-Pants :(

On a brighter note, I sold my car this week!  I sold it to a very excited single mom who connected with me through Craig's List.  It was an exciting Wednesday and I was running all over town exchanging keys, mailing payoffs, and getting titles.  I picked up my new car on Friday and just love it!  Papa Tres was instrumental in getting us a huge discount on a Nissan.  It's my first non-GM car ever, but the discount he was able to get through his new job just couldn't come close to GM pricing.  The boys were amazing (and silent) as they watched their new DVD player on the way out to Lake Michigan on Saturday.  It really gave us a chance to hear Evan's bone-chilling screams during the car ride.

I will have plenty of time to post pictures and catch up on more tomorrow - it's my weekly night of no-sleep.  I hope that anyone reading this on the East Coast is safe.  I stalked BK most of yesterday to ensure he was high and dry - safe to say that he is :)

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