Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Straight Jacket

We are approaching the five-day mark of tying Evan up in his straight jacket...and it appears it is the magic touch in order to get him to sleep.  It does seem like cruel and unusual punishment to double-knot the baby into a blanket, but every time I start to question the logic, he gives me a big smile!

This week has been pretty tolerable in terms of my side effects from the new chemo I received on Monday.  The biggest thing I have noticed is achy joints and muscles.  Walking down the stairs is a pretty close resemblance to an eighty-six year old man.  I had to go back in on Tuesday to get the Neulasta injection, something that is used to stimulate my bone marrow and increase my white blood cell count.  Since the majority of the stimulation occurs in my hips and knees, it is kind of a double whammy.

My dear old dad has been taking care of my car issue over in Fenton this week.  He picked my car up from the dealership and was able to have a great conversation with the service manager and zone manager.  Both of the managers highly suspect that the issue was caused by the repairs I had on my car in June, due to a recall.  Sounds like the dealership did a lousy repair job.  It's great news because my car isn't actually falling apart.  It's shoddy repair work. 

I am looking forward to the approaching weekend!  We have fun plans with Aunt Tricia, Uncle Jim, Grandma Cindy, Laney and Kylie - if the weather holds out we are going to have a picnic at Lake Michigan.  I am sure we will get some time in with Auntie Meggie on Saturday and then hopefully wrap Sunday up with a little happy hour with our favorite engaged couple. Trying to make sure we enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

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