Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Um, Just Kidding

Well, it was not meant to be today.  After discussion with my doctor, and specifically the intense muscle aches and joint pain, she gave me the opportunity to choose to have the dose weekly, instead of receiving the triple dose today.  The upside is that the side effect should be less and I don't have to get the bone marrow injection anymore.  The downside is I am not done with chemo, I have two more weeks and no really "good" days to look forward to.  With the triple dose, the bad is bad, but when it goes away, the good is great!  Oh well...three weeks to focus on this and then I go back to work September 12.  Maybe the distraction will be a good thing. This picture made me laugh.  Evan and I were cuddling before bed and I snapped this picture.  I sent it to my brother and called it "Baldies".  He sent it back to me and said "Buddies".  So Evan and I continue to be Baldy Buddies.  Since we were going to bed, you can see that I am very ready for my eyebrows and eyelashes to grow in with my hair!

I was surprised with something thoughtful when I came home from chemo today.  Even though the plans were changed, there was a cake waiting for me.  It was round and said "You Kicked Chemo's Butt".  It was so cute and thoughtful and I know Brian was really excited about it.  There was also a card from my family with everyone signing it and wishing their encouragement.  They are surely loving me through it :)

Wanted to share some of the picture from Evan's baptism on Sunday.  He was baptized at 11:00 am on Sunday, August 22 at St. Roberts Newminster in Ada.  Father Len performed a very nice, simple ceremony.  Three other babies were also baptized together.  All of the babies were wonderful!  Not a peep out of anyone, especially Evan while the water was being poured, or when the oil was wiped on.  Evan was also the only baby not wearing a gown or tuxedo.  I'm more laid back than that and wanted Evan to be comfortable.  A white Carter's sleeper that my mom found at the outlet worked just fine for us.

 Our little family posing with Father Len after the service.
 Gavin, Cohen, Evan, Brian and me with Brian's parents, Ed and Cindy.
 BK, Cohen, Gavin, Meghan, Brian and Evan and Erin
 Gavin, Brian, Erin, Evan, Nana Moni, Cohen, Papa Tres, Meghan, Grandma Kline, and BK
 Papa Tres and Nana Moni with their favorite blessed baby
Proud parents!!!  And the outfit I was wearing was something I wore last summer.  Just as proud!!  LOL

Then, just wanted to share the cutest picture ever from our sweet little baby.  He is so smiley in the morning and this was taken right after he woke up.  He's just like his mama, with that morning person bit. 

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  1. Loved all of the pictures! I cannot believe how big Evan looks! Wish we could have been there. Sorry it wasn't your last Chemo treatment but only two more to go! (and hopefully not such intense joint pain over the next couple of weeks). Hang in there!