Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's Labor Day...and I'm Smiling

I have to start by thanking everyone for the wonderfully supportive and encouraging e-mails.  It's nice to know that when it seems like my resolve just isn't there, that there are all of these amazing people out there to "love me through it".  My beautiful Aunt Laura suggested I look into the Muslim faith because the veils would shield my lack of hair and eyebrows and that I will soon feel normal and still be forgetful because I'm a sleep deprived mom.  My good friend Nancy promised that we would get together and have lunch again soon...and when we had lunch together a few weeks ago, we laughed just like we did when we worked in side-by-side cubicles seven years ago.  My fashionable cousin Bryn, reminded me that in the words of Destiny's Child, I am a Survivor already. My fabulous sister-in-law Alison told me this was a fight that I am capable of winning. (WINNING!) And my other wonderful-sister-in-law, Tricia, always makes me laugh because when I start getting frustrated with Evan, she always comes in with the "worse than you stories" about her 2.5 kids. My Aunt Mary reminded me that even though I want to look my best, what's inside my heart and how I act is the most important.  The best mother-in-law ever (mine!) told me that this an emotional roller coaster and although I have been on it for a long time, it was good to share how I am truly feeling.  My favorite Brigid reminded me that although down days are normal, they don't last forever and I have good days in my future. Mrs. Kinning, like another mother to me, said that as my story has unfolded, she thinks I am becoming stronger everyday. My Dado told me that I shouldn't consider what I wrote to be a "downer" post but an honest reflection of how I'm feeling and while I've been dealt a lousy hand (cancer), I also won the lottery (Evan).  My Uncle Rick said that if thoughts of Aunt Laura shimmying to disco music after indulging in red wine didn't cheer me up, he would bring chip dip as well.  My dear friend Katie, just told me simply, she loved me.  And my mom and Aunt Debbie wanted to pass along comments, but haven't quite maneuvered how to do so on my blog :)  My mama did buy me the most beautiful roses to look at all weekend, which was great, since I spent Friday on the couch doing just that.

So, thank you, for helping me get through.  I made it through one more week and I am that much closer to my last chemo, my surgery, my radiation and my clean bill of health.  The e-mails, words and encouragement that you send truly help me get through my lousy days.

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