Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming...

We made it!  We made it through all of the big, grossy chemotherapies and I have five weeks of celebration and sunshine ahead!  After this next week, I will hopefully say goodbye to the bad taste in my mouth (I'm talk to you red wine, no more cat hair balls!), goodbye to muscle aches and joint pain, goodbye to bone-numbing tiredness and goodbye to nosebleeds.  I plan to say hello to my old clothes again (since I will also be saying hello to the gym on a regular basis), hello to my dancing shoes, hello to my work Blackberry (a curse and a blessing!) and hello to regular-old me.  I even celebrated today by taking pictures of my last big chemo with my cheering section!

I even wore my fancy scarf for the day.  You can also see that I bring my own blanket with me - it's so stinking cold in the room that we are on, so I like to snuggle up with something from home.  But now that blanket is going back to being a regular old nap and snuggle blanket, just like it's meant to be. 

Today at chemo was nuts.  My appointment was at 10:15.  I arrived at 10:13 (never wanting to give myself too much time because I like to limit how often I have to spend in the waiting room!).  They finally drew my blood for labs at 11:00, but it was almost 1:00 before they finally called me back to start treatment.  The place was a zoo.  I would have been more upset if it hadn't been for four things. 

1.  My mom and Cohen were there to keep me company and the cafeteria brought doughnuts in. My mom and I watched Cohen smash sprinkles all along his cheeks while we visited.

2.  When my mom and Cohen left, Brian came with my favorite sushi of all time.  Marado Sushi Crazy Boy rolls.  Perfect way to spend time in the waiting room and assure that no one sit near us since we were eating stinky food.

3. Has anyone read Jay Mohr's blog on Real Housewives of New Jersey on BravoTV.com?  So freaking funny.  I sat in the waiting room for a good 45 minutes, by myself and was just laughing out loud.  And anyone who knows me, understands that when I laugh hard, I cry easily.  So I was laughing with tears running down my eyes and just didn't care.  Especially when Jay was talking about Jaqueline and Teresa going to Lauren's grand opening for her make-up business.  "Jaqueline wore a reasonable black dress.  Teresa was dressed like Grimace."  That just slayed me. Click here for more Jay Mohr's RHONJ Blog  (BTW - I have asked my mom and Meghan about my new glasses.  Do they look like Richie's on RHONJ?  That's not the look I'm going for but I can't help but wonder...)

4. There were so many people in bad situations today that I couldn't be bitter about mine.  There was a man in a wheelchair sitting next to me and they told him there were no beds available, that he would have to use a chair (like I do).  But you could see his man was weak and needed to lay down.  He was so upset.  They told another man that he couldn't get a chair and could sit in the waiting room and take his chemo out there.  He was so upset.  I guess I qualified for a chair because of all of the pre-meds they give me that make me so tired but that chair was a long-time running today.  So, I'm glad I had Jay Mohr to keep me company and provide some much needed entertainment.

Back to school went off without a hitch today.  Gavin was dressed, lunch packed, hair gelled and ready to go.  Stacey and I took him to the bus together and he had a nice first day at school.  Cohen, on the other hand, can hardly wait to go and didn't think it was fair he couldn't start today too.  Cohen is in Monday/Wednesday/Friday kindergarten so we are celebrating his first day of school tomorrow.  Hopefully, my insomnia will just keep me up until 7:00 am and then I can get them ready for bed and catch a few hours of sleep. 

In other fabulous, making-me-happy news, Brian and I booked a getaway weekend to Florida.  We are going the weekend before my surgery.  I was very apprehensive to go, but Brian and my mom thought it was a great idea.  My generous Aunt Kathy and Uncle Doug have opened their Clearwater beach condo to us and we are going to enjoy sun, good food and some relaxation.  I can't wait to have a few days of feeling great and spending time with my husband to rebuild me before I head into the next phase of my journey.

Last thing...stay tuned this week for all of the wedding preparation of my dear friend, Katie Roe....heading up north to Traverse City for her beach wedding this weekend.  It's supposed to be beautiful, just like the bride and I can't wait to celebrate Katie and Barry with my dear friends Lacey and Ben, Meghan and Dave and Scott and Becca.  So many fun things going on!

And one more smile to send you away with....aww!  Melts my heart.  This is a great week.

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