Monday, October 10, 2011

Vacation Getaway

So this was Brian and my last chance to get away before some major changes come our way.  With the wonderful generosity of my dear Aunt Kathy and Uncle Doug, we headed for their condo in Clearwater Beach, Florida.  I had a lot of reservations about leaving Evan behind but Brian and my mom convinced me it was something we really needed to do.  We left on Thursday night and got back in to Grand Rapids on Friday morning.  Our trip truly consisted of eating, drinking, reading and sleeping.  Probably in that order. 

We celebrated an amazing dining experience at Berns Steakhouse in Tampa, FL, where believe or not, I was able to match Doug drink for drink.  Hello red wine, I'm back!
No wonder I drank more.  Look how much bigger my wine glass is.

Our wonderful hosts for the weekend, my dad's sister, Kathy and her husband Doug.
Even though Clearwater was not offering world-class climates, it gave Brian and I a chance to spend time with each other and really enjoy each other's company.  We took walks on the beach (even though the sand pelting us in the face was not comfortable, nor easy to pick out of our ears) and shared great conversation, the way we always do.  I missed Evan terribly but it was great to know that he was in great hands back in Grand Rapids with Nana Moni, Papa Tres and Auntie Noogs.   Although, these are the pictures I was getting from back home. 
First, a trip to Art Prize on Saturday.  But Evan was dressed without pants.

Second, my dad sent me this and said Evan rolled over from his back to his stomach.  It doesn't appear he can roll back the other way and instead of getting him off of his face, he took a picture of it.

Doug and Kathy also invited us to join them for dinner in St. Petersburg on Sunday night.  I had never been there before and would love to go back and explore it.  There were these amazing "banyan" (sp?) trees on the street that were the largest I had ever seen.  Elizabeth joined us for dinner and it was great getting to catch up with my much younger, much prettier cousin.

I'm really happy to hear that all of my friends and family enjoyed eighty degree sunshine all weekend while Brian and I had the pleasure of celebrating the rainiest weekend in Florida all fall.  That's just fabulous.  But time well spent with my amazing husband, and Florida family.  I told them I'm the only one that takes them up on their offer to be that as it may, I might find myself back there in February!

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