Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 8: My Company

Big banks have been taking a beating in the press lately and as always the media portrays a lot of things incorrectly and exaggerates negatives that don't really exist.  Between the protests on Wall Street and the supposed millions of bonuses that are being handed out, consumers aren't loving a company as large as Bank of America like they used to.
But today, I am grateful for my company and thankful for the leaders that run the organization. My job provides me the opportunity to help support my family and allow Brian and I to build our dream house.  My career provides me the ability to exercise some of my greatest strengths - investing in associates' development, creating a team atmosphere and working in collaboration to exceed goals. 
I have had some of the best leaders and peers teach me.  Laura, who I mentioned yesterday as a friend, is also my "other half" at work.  Not only did she coach and guide me when I first came in to my role, but she transitioned to my peer and allowed me to learn and flourish underneath her guidance.  Laura is a fantastic, "unofficial" mentor but has made a profound impact on my career.
Most recently, when I worked for my last manager, Stacey, did I realize what it meant to have an opportunity identified and really have someone invest in closing that gap and making it a strength.  It was a painful process but Stacey consistently worked with me so now I can say, it's a strength of mine.
Lastly, my company has afforded me incredible insurance and support during a year of need.  Since all of my life events have occurred in the same year, my teammates have been nothing but supportive and understanding.  My current team, carries my load and executes on my goals the same way they do their own.  I am so comfortable and appreciative knowing that Chad, Jill and Laura are handling my associates and guiding them to the same success I would want to.
I have never been pressured to come back to work; quite the contrary.  My current manager and manager's past have all encouraged me to take the time I need to fight my battle and get healthy. They have worked with me on my schedule, my ability to work when I can and just to get better.  So, to me, this very big corporation has a very big heart.   Out of all of the fears and worries I have had in the past seven months, health insurance and income have not been one of them.  So, I am grateful to work for a company like Bank of America.

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