Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 9 and 10: My Doctors and Treatment Facilities

Even though Grand Rapids isn't a huge metropolitan city, there have been several investments and developments made in the medical community in the past five years.  Grand Rapids has TWO dedicated cancer centers and some of the best surgeons and plastic surgeons in the country are here.  In the past seven months, I have been treated by:

The Absolute Best OBGYN: Dr. Susan VandenBosh
My Neo-Natal OB: Dr. Russell Jelsema
My Neonatologist: Dr. Craig Kinney
My Oncologist: Dr. Amy VanderWoude
My Surgeon: Dr. Jane Pettinga
My Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Ewa Timek
My Radiation Oncologist: Dr. Brian Kastner
My Cardiologist: Dr. Craig Alguire
My GI Doctor: Dr. Heather Slay
And the urologists group that took care of my kidney stone.

At one point, six doctors on this list were in regular contact regarding my care and treatment plan.  It made it very easy to feel that I had a medical team that were familiar with my diagnosis, pregnancy and delivery and were ultimately able to help me make decisions best for our family.

In addition, if I have to spend hours at the hospital, Lemmen-Holten Cancer Pavilion is a beautiful facility located in Downtown GR, only 9 miles from our home.  The building is made out of limestone, has meditation gardens on every level, offers valet parking (which is only a requirement when I am late, which is 50% of the time) and has awesome smoothies and pretzel rolls.  Brian often is able to stop up during his lunch to see how I am doing since I am only a few blocks from the Fifth Third building.

I feel very fortunate that these amazing doctors are located so close to my home.  We certainly won't be leaving Grand Rapids anytime soon!

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