Sunday, January 22, 2012

Liposuction? Don't Mind If I Do.

The up-side of having your breasts removed is having new ones put back in their place.  Right now, I have tissue expanders, which are stitched into my chest wall and quite firm.  They are also very uncomfortable.  But, I had an appointment with my plastic surgeon this week and we are talking about the next procedure.  Even though the removal of the expanders and implant replacement won't be happening until June or July, it's still exciting to think about it.  It was even more exciting when she said we would be doing a "fat graft".  (or graph?  hmm).  I had no idea what she was talking about so I was just nodding my head and smiling.  I finally asked, "'re doing a fat graft on me?  What it is?"  It is a relatively new procedure that surgeons have recently started doing on implant patients.  They take fat from your body and put it over the implant so it gives it a soft, natural-looking, natural-feeling chest wall.  Gone are the days of the implants sticking straight out of your chest.  It also helps prevent skin sagging in the future, so hopefully, the implants will stay where they are initially put.  When I finally grasped the concept, I asked where the fat came from.  And then she said the magic words...."Wherever you want it to come from...your thighs, your butt, your hips."


Are you kidding me?  I get to decide where you are going to take fat from?  The only hard thing about this is that there are so many places to choose from.  I could add it all up into one and have Size GG boobs, but I'm going to spend time making this very important decision.

So, this year, I'll be getting longer hair, longer eyelashes, nice perky boobs and shaving some fat off of unwanted places.  After a year of ugly, I am certainly loving the Year of Pretty.

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