Saturday, January 14, 2012

What I've Learned From Doctor's Visits

There are a lot of amazing things about the doctor's office.  If you are sick, they can make you feel better. If you have an illness, they can diagnose it (most of the time).  But there are many things that irritate me and I thought I would share with you, in case they irritate they too.

1. Weigh-Ins.  I was weighed four different times last week at the offices of four different doctors.  Each time the weight was different.  My home scale has the same number every time.  Why this irritates me is because two nurses gave me the stink eye because my weight had gone up about 4 pounds since last week.  Was I stuffing my face?  No.  Water-retention?  No.  It's the difference between 50 degree weather and 20 degree weather.  Winter coats and Uggs are heavier than yoga pants and flip flops.  So don't go all Judgy Judgerson on me when you don't let me weigh myself naked, after I pee, every morning before one calorie enters my mouth....just like I do at home.

2. Waiting.  We all know we wait at the doctor's office.  It's like the bank or waiting in line at the grocery store.  For the most part, I think my doctors do a pretty good job of getting me in on time.  But, I have one doctor in particular - I can see her office when I walk down the hall way to the examining room. Not only can I see her office, I can see her in it.  And yesterday, she wasn't just sitting at her computer.  She was talking to other people.  And it was very apparent it was a casual conversation.  I waited in the examining room for 20 minutes!  I understand that she may have been waiting for test results or a phone call, but just pop on in and say hi.  I am literally five feet from you.

3.  Dumb Questions.  At this point, the hospital knows just about everything about me except what I look like when I'm healthy.  So, do I really need to go over all of my medications EVERY time?  I know you are looking at a list of them - is this a mind game to test me to see if I have them memorized?  I also need to start asking for $1.00 every time someone asks me if I'm breastfeeding.  Let's use the power of deduction here.  1.  You just asked me my history of surgeries and know I had a double mastectomy.  2. You just asked my all of my medications and know that I can't be on several of them if I am pregnant.  3.  We just discussed that I am getting radiation - can't do that while breastfeeding either.  So, I'm saying, it's safe to assume in this case.  And again, for those that can't jump to logical conclusions 1-3, there are many that give the stink eye to non-breastfeeding mothers.  I would like to politely tell them to go shove it.

4. Receptionists that Act Like They Don't Know You.  I have to say, I am fairly lucky in this aspect.  I have been to most of my doctors so many times that the receptionists usually know who I am and why I am there.  But there is one that refuses to acknowledge that she sees me every week. So we go through the routine of me showing her my ID and insurance card, she asks why I am here, blah blah blah.  Maybe next week, I will just write it all up on a piece of paper and start handing it to her.

I will give the next installment of my learnings in a few days....wouldn't want to spoil you with all of my goodies all at once.


  1. Erin-
    I totally hear you on the medications list....I haven't changed my meds in YEARS, you are the people that prescribe them to me EVERY MONTH, do you really think they have changed since the last time I saw you?? I'm sorry you go through these trials, but know that in certain aspects, you are not alone!


  2. I would say something to the doctor at the office where the receptionist refuses to acknowledge you. After all they are the first person you see, does your doc want that to be a good experience or don't they care? A friendly helpful gatekeeper makes the experience better for all.