Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Vacation Getaway

March 11, 2012 will mark my one-year anniversary since I have been diagnosed with cancer.  I have a lot that I have been thinking about to write on that special day, but today, I want to share details about VACATION!

Brian and I are going on the trip we talked about last March. And it is going to be as amazing as we dreamed about last year.  When I was diagnosed, Brian made a sheet for me about my "prizes".  He listed out the tasks I needed to complete and told me he would buy me a present for each completion.  The man knows the way to my heart. 

Port placement and Chemo Set #1 - Brian bought me a brand new "fancy" camera.  I wanted something with a fast shutter speed so I could be sure that I captured each moment of Evan's first breaths.  I love my fancy camera, even though I only know how to point and click.  I have purchased a camera lesson; just trying to find time to squeeze that in.

Evan's Birth - Brian surprised me with diamond earrings.  We were in the hospital and I just had my water broken. Once everyone left the room, out came the little jewelry box.  I was so excited to commemorate this special day with two things I will have forever!

Surgery and Radiation - a brand new bag, which Brian picked out all on his own!  I love the pattern, the size, the texture and most of all, the complete surprise I had when I opened the box.

One year - the vacation we have been waiting for.  Even though I still have more treatment to do, this means more to me than any other gift combined.  I am getting quality time, in the sun, to be careless, relaxed and in love.  Brian and I will blend in like every other couple and hold hands while we walk to dinner.  We will have amazing conversation while we drink fantastic wine.  We are going to celebrate all of our accomplishments and reflect on our tears cried, laughs had, and our future.  This is our celebration of being a team.  We made it through the worst of the storm; now we just need to navigate our way through the choppy water.  I do believe we have smooth sailing coming our way - and I will start looking at it as I stare out at the Caribbean :)


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