Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On a lighter note...

Last night, I felt pretty lousy.  This is when I also try to inject humor into my conversations.  Some may call it tasteless, but it's how I get through.

Example 1:  I was upstairs indulging in my favorite pastime, "Real Housewives of Atlanta: Reunion".  Those ladies are c-rrrrrrrrrr-aaaaaaaa-zzzzzzzzy.  But it's entertaining.  Brian has been watching "Game of Thrones".  I have no interest in watching this because I don't really like kings and queens and dragons and hobbits.  I suffered through all three "Lord of the Rings" movies and that was enough for my lifetime.  So, I started doing what lazy wives usually do - text their husbands to get their attention.

Text to Brian: Come upstairs.  I've had a rough day.

Text to Erin:  I'm watching Game of Thrones.  Come down here.

Text to Brian: You can watch Game of Thrones when I'm dead.  Spend time with me while I'm alive.

Text to Erin: Erin, that's not funny.

I thought it was very funny.  I also know that Brian was serious, because he rarely calls me by my first name.

Second example of humor this morning.  I was taking Evan and Cohen over to Grandma's for the day.  These days are fun because I am not usually in the house by myself and my work productivity level skyrockets - so much that I can take time to write on my blog.  Cohen was sitting next to Evan in the back of the car when the following conversation took place:

Cohen: Evan has hairy eyebrows.

Me: You think?

Cohen:  Ya.  But they aren't furry and gray like Grandpa Ed's.  I hope my hair doesn't turn the color of Grandpa Ed's.

Me:  Are you worried about getting gray hair?

Cohen:  Yes - I have a lot going on.

So, even though I may be overwhelmed and stressed out, I am not worried (YET) about getting gray hair, the way that our 6-year old is.

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