Tuesday, August 28, 2012

So, What's New?

What's new?  That's a great question in this house because for once the answer is, "Not much"!  We have been enjoying the last few weeks of summer and getting ready for the school year to start.  I thought I would give a little re-cap as to what has been keeping us busy!

Evan gets tubes!
Our little Ev has been plagued with terrible ear infections for the past seven months.  It isn't that he just gets them frequently (he does) but he doesn't eat (but he does throw food on the floor) or sleep (which means grouchy mama) and antibiotics don't work to clear them up.  It's been really challenging to watch him suffer and pull on his ears all of the time.  I was hesitant about the procedure but heard amazing things about it from mom-friends who have children that had it done.  The Friday before our procedure, Evan came down with another ear infection.  I knew we had made the right decision to proceed with the surgery.

Evan thinking "What the fuzz?  Why do my ears hurt again?"

People were right; it's like a new baby comes home with you!  Evan is back to sleeping a solid 12-13 hours at night and taking better naps.  Even more importantly, bedtime is not a fight.  When I put him down, he will just sit in his crib and babble and eventually falls to sleep.  It's a night and day difference and we have loved spending this time with our busy boy.

Running around the afternoon of his procedure.  Evan loves going to the high school and watching the big boys practice sports!

Brian builds a pond
Many of you know that Brian is always looking for a good project to work on.  Last summer, it was working with the landscaper to put in the flower beds and yard.  Then, he decided to get a head-start on our basement finishing project and frame the closet and get the electrical process started.  His latest idea was to build a koi pond in our front yard.  I'm going to be honest; I didn't like the idea.  It seemed unnecessary (one more thing to clean), messy (for me, since a muddy yard equals a muddy house), dangerous (for little kids) and expensive.  Brian was determined and spent a lot of time researching how big to make it and all of the supplies he would need to buy.

My bad attitude didn't change during the first week of construction.  It looked like a hot mess and it was a ton of work (none of it by me)!  Brian was spending hours and hours digging a giant hole in our newly implanted landscape.  On weekend two of the project, I decided it was better to spend the weekend away, than be irritated with the entire thing.

Much to my surprise, Brian sent me pictures of his finished project, while I was enjoying my weekend at Lake Fenton.  I was AMAZED!  The koi pond looks beautiful.  More importantly, I was so impressed at all of the work Brian did by himself.

Brian is letting the water adjust for a few days so it can clear out before he adds the fish.  I am so proud of my handy husband - who says that bankers can't be creative landscape artists?? :)  You can see on the far end, there is a little waterfall that makes beautiful little sounds.  I can't wait to sit outside tonight and enjoy a glass of wine together.  It's a little escape haven for us!

School Shopping!
My job is going extremely well.  I am being pulled into several different projects but still have the awesome flexibility of working from home.  It's been great to be so fulfilled at my job but still have quality time with my family.  It also allows me to multi-task!  When I am waiting for conference calls to start, I may or may not go online and do some shopping.  And I may or may not have boxes from UPS and Fed Ex arriving at the house all day.  This has been super convenient because I have ordered all of the boys school clothes without taking a single step in a store!  The boys were so excited to try everything on in our bedroom one night and have already picked out their "First Day of School" clothes.

I don't try to dress them like twins, but they like all of the same things!

Just before bedtime.

Evy is busy working on his Blackberry.
I am feeling great!  My surgery was very successful and I'm happy to have it behind me.  I have a side effect called Axillary Web Syndrome, otherwise known as cording.  It is an effect of having the lymphnodes removed and the soft tissues tightens up and creates "cord-like webbing" in my left arm.  It makes it difficult to stretch out my arm all of the way. It is only on the side where I had radiation and lymphnode removal.  I have to start wearing a sleeve and am in physical therapy to help reduce the pain and reduce the cords.  It's a small price to pay for no cancer but annoying at the same time!  My last surgery is in December, so that will allow me to start January 2013, cancer-free and surgery-free!

Looking forward to an fabulous weekend with Nana, Boompa, Auntie Noogs and the boys this weekend on Lake Fenton.  I can't believe summer is almost over but am looking forward to fall - football, leaves, cider, apple orchards.  Yummy!

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