Thursday, October 11, 2012

A New York State of Mind

Two posts in a week has to be some kind of record for me!  Now that I have my list of topics spelled out, I feel obligated to honor my own commitments!

On Tuesday, October 16, Brian and I heading back out to NYC to hang out with our favorite friends from Nivea!  We were honored (and thrilled) when they called to ask us to be a part of kicking off their New Years Eve contest in 2013.  Not only did this mean another trip to the Big Apple, but also a chance to re-visit our friends that we established such close ties with last year.  

Scott, Kevin and Leslie - part of the amazing Nivea team!
What Brian and I loved about this contest is that the people who organized it really became a part of our hearts.  Not only did they know our story, but Scott, Kevin, Leslie and the rest of their team really embraced our well-being.  We made connections with their amazing spouses and kept correspondence up even after the New Years party ended.  Plus, they all knew I loved Guiliana and made sure to help me get lots of pictures with her.

1.  My hair was ridiculously short.  2. I need to learn how to pose like fancy people do.  3. I want G's sequin jacket.

We are excited to be a part of the 2013 announcement and all of the excitement it generates.  For some lucky couple, they will have the same enthusiasm, encouragement and once-in-a-lifetime experience that the contest gave us in 2012.  It allowed us to put our attention elsewhere and celebrate moving forward!

Times Square

We are also EXTREMELY excited to spend some quality time with BK!  It's hard to believe that we haven't seen him since July. Even though we keep in touch by phone, e-mail, FaceTime and text, sometimes, you just need to give your brother a hug.  

Sissy and BK

BK (Bryan's nickname, so we can keep Hubby Brian and Brother Bryan straight!) is finishing his final year at School of Visual Arts in NYC.  This year, BK is working on his thesis, which will be a short film.  BK decided to do his thesis on my journey with breast cancer.  We spent a lot of time talking about my diagnosis and my feelings, over camera, while BK interviewed me.  He spent time with my mom, dad, Sissy and Hubby and was also able to get footage of Evan.  While we are in NYC, I am really excited to see how BK's footage is coming together.  He is doing all of this, while also working at the busiest Apple store in the world - right on Fifth Avenue.  I love recognizing all of his accomplishments and can't wait to share with you all of his brilliance as soon as his movie is finished in the Spring.
This is an oldie, but a goodie.  BK and Evan have a very special bond, even though they only see each other every few months.
Looking forward to sharing our memories and pictures of our New York journey!  Also another opportunity to outfit myself in all new clothes for my NYC trip!  (Brian just loves that part).


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