Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Murray Family Pictures

I forgot to post them last time!  We have the most amazing photographer - Lori Turner of Davinci Photography has a laid back attitude and is great at working with the gaggle of boys we bring with us.  Her prices are amazing so I can always count on getting all of the pictures I want in the sizes I need.

Our Party of Five.

This was a candid moment!  Evan was so intrigued at the hole in the barn!

And then he wanted to run away from what he thought he saw!

These boys have such an amazing bond.  

Evan smiled the biggest when he was being snuggled by Gavin and Cohen.

Evan at 18 months old.

Gavin is such a charming, intellectual boy.  He is quickly turning into a young man.  9 years old.

Cohen has such a heart of gold.  Loves playing Legos and football.  He is always the first to ask how I'm doing.  7 years old.

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