Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mothers of the World: I Salute You

I knew mom's were a tough bunch but I did NOT understand that fully until this past week.  When Evan was sick.  When I was sick.  When Brian was sick.  And apparently, someone still has to take care of the toddler.

I know, right?  Sick babies don't take care of themselves.  And more importantly, they are needy. And super whiny. And instead of baby cuddles and kisses, they don't want ANYTHING.  I provide juice - the very juice that 2 hours ago he couldn't be without - and the current state of affairs proves that WE HATE JUICE.  I provide endless hours of the Sprout channel (which honestly, only exacerbates my own illness), toast, cuddles, rocking, stories, vaporizers, and a million Kleenex. But, it's all for naught.  Evan wants up; he wants down, he wants to sleep, he can't sleep.  Who can blame him?  He can't breathe.  He isn't eating.  I feel baaaaaad....but I want him better.

And I want him better for all of the mommy reasons: I don't want to see my baby suffer and I don't want a prolonged illness to affect him in any way.  I want him healthy and back to his bouncy, babbly, baby self.

But I want him better because I'm sick.  I need to be babied.  I want to cuddle up in bed with my nasal spray, Vicks and eye mask and turn the world off. I want someone to make and serve me tea and pick up my prescriptions and get me heating pads.  I can't take care of my baby because I'm a huge baby.

So, I struggled for two days, trying to take care of my sick baby and my sick self. I was sanitizing and snuggling and washing sheets and blankies and pacifiers (try not to judge me for letting Evan still use a pacifier; he's only 18 months and we will approach that next milestone at 2 years) and making tea and singing songs.

And then I gave up.

I called in the Army.  The Nana Army.  It went something like this:

Me: "Mom, is Dad out of town this week?"
Mom: "No."
Me: "Oh.  Waaaaahhhhh".  (In Debbie Downer mode)
Mom: "Why?"
Me: "I'm just wondering...Evan's not feeling that great."

And that was that.

Nana came over to help me help Evan.  And by help, I mean DO EVERYTHING.  She took care of my crying guy, rocked him to sleep at night and wiped his runny nose.

I'm pretty sure I was able to play this card out because I caught this bug 2 weeks after my 3rd reconstructive surgery.  My doctor (and my mom) were concerned about this turning into a bigger issue since my body is still healing.  So, Nana came in, and took over.

Thank God.

Sick Evan.

But I know that a lot of women are not fortunate like I am and don't have their Mom's nearby to come in and save them.  And for that, I'm amazed.  There are no sick days for Moms.  There is no Mom pampering or doting.  You are still expected to make dinner and make arrangements for the kids and have groceries on hand.  (I did think several times, "They have to eat AGAIN?") It is TOUGH work.  And these Mama's do it everyday....just because that's what they do.  They are amazing.  I want to be like that one day.  Like my Mama.  I probably will do it when she is unavailable next time to come bail me out.

P.S. I took this picture on Night #2 of Being SOOOO sick.  Look at the Vicks under my nose.  And Brian passed out and kept putting his hand ON MY HEAD.  If I would have been a violent person had more energy, I probably would have punched him in the face.

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  1. Hi I'm a new follower :) I found you from the post on Mama Laughlin. I'm not a mother, only a proud aunt, but when I watch my nieces I'm amazed at how much it takes and I give so much credit to all you moms. Your story is very inspiring and I hope you feel better soon!