Monday, February 11, 2013

Thanksgiving and Photobombs

I pulled out my camera yesterday so I could take some pictures of Evan playing with his train.  As I was thumbing through the memory card, I realized there were some great pictures of Thanksgiving - yes, the one that was two months ago.  I find it so hard to keep all of the balls in the air lately that it's amazing I haven't lost my camera completely.

Getting to use my fancy china.

Made my own centerpiece with glass vases of varying heights and floating candles.

My beautiful sissy and brother.  Evan's godparents.  Evan does not look impressed.

He was on a mission to knock over wine glasses.

Brian's perfectly fried turkey.

Thumbs Up, Turke!

Photobomb #1.

Photobomb #2.

Photobomb #3.

Mood lighting.

All of the goodies.

Evan's little plate of Thanksgiving dinner.

Lots more to catch up on!  Can't wait to tell you about how sick Evan has been; our upcoming trip to Florida and my fears about flying with a toddler; and my new interval training on the treadmill!

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