Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Southwest Travels

I just returned from my adventures to New Mexico.  Right now, my project at work covers a geography consisting of New Mexico, Idaho, Washington and Oregon.  I haven't spent much time in any of these states, so I was excited to explore and see what the "Land of Enchantment" had to offer.

But as always, before I embark on any work travels, I get homesick.  I don't want to leave.  I don't want to pack.  I don't want to wait in airports.  And, we had so much fun the weekend before I left that I was sure my family was going to spend their days crying missing me.

Evan's first trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Where's Cohen?

The non-hay ride hay ride!

Love these two.

Fun day out with Grandma and Grandpa

This was taken about .5 seconds before Evan threw that apple at my head.

Evan walks through the pumpkin patch saying, "A pumpkin.  Another pumpkin.  Another pumpkin!"

But, alas, time to leave.  Once I landed in Santa Fe, I had several hours to travel to get to my destination.  My rental car didn't have a GPS so I was forced to rely on my cell phone to get me from one place to another.   This is how that went:

No service.  No roads.  My car is the blue triangle, but you can tell that isn't providing much help.

I only ended up totally lost a handful of times.  There were not a lot of gas stations and not a lot of places to stop for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Skittles or Twizzlers.  But I made it.  And had a successful work vacation.

Then the fun started!  Brian flew out to join me for the weekend so we could hang out and explore New Mexico.  We spent time in Downtown Santa Fe, visiting St. Francis Cathedral, the oldest in the U.S., built in 1610.

This church had "Love Each Other Completely" on the front alter and in the back above the door. 

The view from our hotel room.  The sun hit the mountains so beautifully.

View from our hotel in Santa Fe.
On Saturday, we hiked through Bandelier Monument Park.  Brian researched the places to go near Santa Fe and chose Bandelier because of the caves that were created and lived in within the mountains hundreds of years ago.

Along the trail.

Selfie :)

Awesome picture of my thumb.  This was the mountain we hiked down...and then back up.

The paths that led to the kivas.


On our way up....hot and thirsty.
We had a great day and loved exploring these mountains and trails together.  The altitude makes my heart rate accelerate quite a bit, which already runs high due to my ejection fraction issues, but Brian was patient while I struggled up the hill.  I also tried to keep up with my running in New Mexico but my HR was just too high to go longer than three miles.  So, half-marathon training resumes this week, now that I am home.

Lunch at Cafe Pasqual's.

As you can see, Evan was really missing us while we were gone.

Hanging out at Robinette's Apple Orchard.

Enjoying cider and doughnuts.

Playing with bubbles at the Children's Festival.

Driving the fire truck.
We have been away from home a lot this month between Chicago and New Mexico.  We are so incredibly blessed to have grandparents that take such good care of our little man while we are away.

Captaining the ship with Boompa.

Visiting the Downtown Farmer's Market with Nana.  I love that his "lovey" is tucked into Nana's pocket.

Today marks the start of one of my favorite months...BREAST CANCER AWARENESS month.  I will be wrapping myself up in all things PINK over the next few weeks!